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Children's Consignment LLC

Come, Shop, Buy!

Here are some helpful hints for shopping at the Polka Dot Alligator Consignment Sale!


All sales are FINAL. Please, please inspect all items before purchasing. If you have questions about an item, ask BEFORE you buy!! We cannot offer exchanges or refunds of any type.

When buying clothing, we suggest you write down your children's measurements and bring a flexible measuring tape. We cannot offer dressing rooms.

Our sale is open to the public, and all times are CENTRAL TIME ZONE:
Thursday, March 29 - 9am - 8pm
Friday, March 30 - 9am - 8pm
Saturday, March 31 - 9am - 3pm
Saturday many items will be marked at 1/2 price!


Consignors and Volunteers shop first!!
Consignors shop at 6pm on Wednesday evening, March 28, at the Pre-Sale.
Click out the Volunteer page for Pre-Sale shopping hours

Your children are welcome as you shop...however, you will responsible for them AT
ALL TIMES. We understand that a sitter is not always an option, however we are not equipped to provide child care. We ask that you keep your children with you, and bring the smallest stroller you have to keep down on congestion. Also, we request you do not bring large purses/personal backpacks into the sale building.

We have a limited number of large shopping bags available. However, you are encouraged to bring laundry baskets, large empty totes, etc. to make sure you have somewhere to place your wonderful bargains in as you shop! A laundry basket or hamper with a belt looped through the handle makes a wonderful pull-behind cart.

We ask that purchases under $20 be paid for in cash. We do not accept personal checks. We also offer debit/credit payments for amounts over $20.00. A $1.00 surcharge will be added to all payments for totals less than $20.00. Cash is always king and makes for a much quicker check-out!

If anyone is found removing tags, switching tags or trying to leave the building without paying for items, they will be asked to not return to the sale and proper authorities will be contacted. Tags are not to be removed from items. This will be done at check-out by a consignment sale worker. Tags will be verified at the check-out to make sure the correct tag is attached to the correct item.

We ask you please be patient as you stand in line for check-out. We anticipate that the lines may be long at times, but we truly APPRECIATE YOU and we will get you checked out as soon as possible.

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