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Is there an admission charge to your sale?                                         
No. Our sale hours Thursday - Saturday are open to the public with no admission or parking fees.

Are there shopping baskets or shopping bags at the sale?
Yes - we have a limited number of shopping bags available for your convenience while shopping. However, you are welcome to bring a large empty tote or laundry basket with you, as we only have a limited number of reusable shopping bags. Please keep in mind that we reserve the right to inspect bags/baskets/stroller baskets at the Exit door.

Are children allowed at the sale?

It will be an easier shopping experience if you can acquire a sitter, but we realize this not always possible. Children must be kept with you at all times, because we do not provide child care. DO NOT allow children to play on the large toys that are consigned. Please DO NOT allow children to remove the tags!! If tags are removed, the item will not be available for purchase until we research and reunite it with the tag.

Is there a dressing room available?

No, we will not have a try-on area/dressing room. We suggest you bring a measuring tape and a list of your child's measurements. 

Can I return an item?

No. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Once the tag is removed from the item and scanned into the register, the item is marked sold for the consignor. We have volunteer staff who will be happy to help check the items you wish to purchase if it is packaged where you cannot readily inspect. It is YOUR responsibility to check items - all items are on consignment and it is physically impossible for us to find every imperfection, no matter how hard we try - and we do try. Bring measurements and tape measures to the sale to ensure a good fit for clothing.

What if the tag comes off of an item I consigned?

We have a lost and found. We will do our absolute best to match up floating tags and items. However, we cannot guarantee that your tag will be rematched with your item. It is your responsibility to check the lost and found when you pick up your unsold items.

I am a consignor; when do I bring my entered and tagged items to the sale?
Once your items are entered and tagged, you make a check-in appointment through your account. We accept check-ins on Monday and Tuesday of sale week only. Please come in the front of the bldg and check-in is in the lobby
area. You will receive your presale shopping pass during check-in. You will receive a 24 Hour email with more information.

I am a consignor; when can I pick up my unsold sale items?

Unsold Item Pick-Up:

6.30pm – 8.00pm Saturday, August 25, 2018

Your online reports will be updated by 4.30pm CDT on Saturday, March 31, so you will know which of your items are sold/unsold. We will have your items sorted and ready for pick-up on Saturday, August 25 between the hours of 6.30pm CDT and 8.00pm CDT. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to check the Lost and Found table at pick-up. PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE EARLY unless prior arrangements have been made! If you did not chose to donate and wish to do so after looking at your account, please contact us asap by TEXT at 270-723-0042 or 270-980-1520.

Pick-up will be at the main enterance at the Cave City Convention Center, Cave City, KY. Any items left after 8.00pm CDT will be donated to the Putting Prayers in Action, which services the Appalacian community, unless other arrangements have been made with the Polka Dot Alligator. You may find more information about this organization at puttingprayerstoaction.com or Putting Prayers into Action on facebook

Do you accept credit cards or checks?

We will not accept personal checks. However, you are welcome to use your debit or credit card for purchases over $20. Purchase totals under $20 will have a $1.00 surcharge added. We ask that you have cash for smaller purchases to avoid this fee.

Will you have vendor set-ups?
Yes! Contact us via polkadotalligator@aol.com for more information!

What kind of hangers do you allow for consigned clothes?
We ask you to use wire hangers because of their durability and they take up less space. Many times you can find free wire hangers from laundries/dry cleaners or friends. 

Is there a minimum of items to consign?
Yes. We ask that you have at least 25 items. This way, your selling fees will be covered and you will still receive a check.

Is there a limit of items I can bring?
At this time there is a limit of 150 items you can consign to our sale. Clean out, gather up, and consign with us! Consignors who sell 70+% of their consigned items will be capped at 500 items. Contact us if you have concerns.

What sizes of clothing is accepted?
We accept boys infant - L in young mens.

We accept Girls infant to junior sizes.

Juniors/Young Mens clothing is limited to a maximum of your best 25 items. We will not accept misses brand clothing. ONLY juniors brands will be accepted (ex: American Eagle, Aeropostle, Forever 21, Abercrombie, Hollister, Miss Me, H&M, Nike) ASK BEFORE YOU TAG if you have questions!!!!

May I hand write tags?
No. All tags must be printed through My Consignment Manager so they will have barcodes. If you are having problems entering and printing tags, please ask for assistance.

Can I use regular paper to print tags?
No. Standard weight paper tears and crumples easily, and gets torn off easily. Your item will not sell without a tag. All tags must be printed on cardstock. 

Why can I only bring clothes for spring and summer to the Spring sale?

We will have a fall sale for you to sell and buy cold weather clothing, costumes, etc.

Must I have clothes on hangers before drop-off?
Yes! We do not have time to hang and/or tag your items at the sale site! 

What if pinning a tag is going to create a hole in the item I am consigning?
Please do not make holes in your clothing! Holes are a HUGE disappointment to shoppers, and makes your item flawed. Feel free to pin the tag to the hanging size tag of a garment, pin on a collar/neck of a shirt, put small items in see-through bags and tape tags to bags, etc. Contact us for more info as well if you have this issue with an

When will I be paid for my consigned items?
We mail checks no later than the Wednesday following sale week. Make sure your mailing address is correct through your online account.

Why is my Polka Dot Alligator check only valid for 60 days?

Our bank accounts go into dormant status between sales. All activity must be completed within 60 days. Please cash or deposit your check as soon as possible.

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