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Getting Ready

All consignors will be given a pre-sale pass to shop at 6pm on Wednesday night before the sale opens to the public on Thursday morning!!!!

Gather up your children's gently used and outgrown clothing; sell them at the Polka Dot Alligator Children's Sale and buy new items for the upcoming season!!

Consignors will receive 70% of the selling price!

 Saturday we will be open until 3pm CDT. Saturday is also 1/2 price day!! Your consigned items will not sell at 1/2 price unless you designate each individual item to be discounted! This is done when you create tags for your items.
Registration/Sign In

We encourage you to mark your items to discount half price. This helps move your inventory that hasn't sold before the last day of the sale. Many people only shop the 1/2 price day, so this is something to consider taking advantage of. The goal is to sell, sell, sell the items that you consign so you have a larger check!

Our registers will be set to honor 1/2 price tags on Saturday only. Tags which are marked DISCOUNT will be included in the 1/2 price sale on Saturday only.

 Each consignor is charged a $10 seller's fee, which will be taken out of your check after the sale.
We need volunteers to help with the Sale process...you will be rewarded!! Check out the Volunteer With Us!
section for more details! Please contact us if you have a special skill or need when you volunteer.

We ask that you please keep in mind that there may be some of your items we are unable to accept. If this is the case, you will receive a detailed explanation as to why. Please do not be offended if we cannot consign all of your items. If your items are not marked "donate", you may be asked to wait while we check in your items. We will work with you on drop-off wait times as long as you are able to return later in the day to pick up unaccepted items (if applicable). 

 We offer Seasonal Sales. The Spring Sale will accept spring/summer type of clothing. The Fall Sale will accept fall/winter clothing and costumes.

Equipment and non seasonal items are accepted at all sales.


 Suggested listing of children's we want you to consign:
Cribs/Baby beds, Toddler and Twin beds (no drop-side, recalled cribs) Go to this website to check crib recalls/safety: (Contact us before consigning a crib!)
Changing Tables
Strollers/High Chairs/Booster Chairs
Swings/Bouncy Seats

Other Children's Furniture (chest of drawers, etc.)
Rockers/Gliders Children's Room Decor (wall hangings, lamps, rugs, decorations, etc.)
Clothing (Girls: NB-Juniors, along with Maternity/Boys: NB-Young Mens)
Children's Shoes
Car Seats/Booster Seats (must be manufactured within the last 4 yrs)
Diaper Bags
Feeding Utensils
Bath tubs, Potty Chairs (MUST be disinfected)
Toys, Games, Learning Materials, Books, Home School Materials
Purses/Handbags/Totes (childrens/teens AND womens)
Other misc items that pertain to infants, children, tweens, juniors.

You may check for recalls here   

 Suggested Types of Clothing to consign:
Clothing must be STAIN FREE, TEAR FREE, SMOKE FREE, CLEAN, and CURRENT STYLING. Contact us if you have any questions!!

From previous Sale experience, we have found that infant clothing and young mens/juniors clothing usually sell at a slower pace than other sized clothing. There is a limit of 25 items of girls junior clothing, and they must be name branded. We do not accept misses/womens clothing. 

Spring Sale:
Lightweight Jackets
Shorts/Jeans/Khaki/Athletic Pants
Short and Long Sleeve Shirts pertaining to springs/summer
Socks/Clean and Sanitized Underwear
All Season Maternity
(No winter/heavy jackets or coats, no fleece or sweatpants/shirts, boots or winter accessories...save these items for the Fall Sale!)

Fall Sale:
Shoes/Boots/Rainboots/No Sandals
Jeans, Jogging Pants/Fleece/Athletic Pants
Long Sleeved Shirts/Sweatshirts/short sleeve tees pertaining to Fall/Winter Wear
Fall/Winter Accessories: Gloves/toboggans/scarves
Socks/Clean and Sanitized Underwear
All Season Maternity
(No Tank Tops, Shorts, Swimwear, Sandals...save those items for the spring sale!)

We accept clothing sizes from Girls NB to junior and Boys NB to Young Mens, along with maternity. All clothing must be sorted by size and gender before drop off. If you sort before entering tag information, your tagging process will go much quicker.

All clothing must be current styling, clean, stain free of defects, smell nice and no pet hair. Please make sure that if you or someone in your household smokes that your clothes are freshly laundered and do not smell of smoke.

 All shoes must be cleaned and (preferably zip-tied) SECURELY together. If zip-tying is not possible, we ask they be placed in clear ziplock bags. Please use heavy duty zip-ties or bags and secure tags to shoes. Do not "just drop the tag" inside the shoe bag. 

 We do accept maternity clothing. As with children's clothing, they must be current styling, free of stains, tears and be freshly laundered and SERCURELY on hangers. Tags must be pinned to the right side of the garment in such a manner that it is secure. See the tagging instructions for more details.

Large toys (outside toys such as houses/sand tables/bicycles/ride-ons/swings, etc. We ask they be free of sand and dirt - as clean as possible.)

Electronic Games and cartridges (must be in working order)
(Please tape shut all games/DVDs. They will be inspected by buyers at check-out, so be sure the correct cartridge is included.)
We do not accept electronics that cannot be tested at the sale site.

Toys must be clean, have working batteries (if applicable) and in great working order.
We accept most children's toys, however - no fast food/fair type toys or jewelry.
The only plush/stuffed toys we accept are licensed character or animated. 
All parts must be accounted for and either boxed or bagged with the toy.

 Baby/Child Equipment such as strollers, high chairs, etc., must be clean, free of defects, not recalled and meet current safety standards. If you need to check the recall list or safety standards, you may do that here.

Equipment items are hot sellers at both Spring and Fall sales.

 Unacceptable Items:

NO used bottle nipples, pacifiers or used breast pumps will be accepted.
NO stained, torn clothing.
NO advertisement/date specific tees/clothing. School logo clothing is fine, as long as it is not dated (i.e., Class of 2017)
NO formula or opened packs of diapers. 
Undershirts and onsies, along with CLEAN underwear are ok.
NO children's clothing with drawstrings.

NO recalled items. If you are unsure, you may check here for a
recall list.

If you have an item in question, please contact us -we will be more than happy to talk with you about it!


 There are detailed instructions on how to tag your items on the Prep and Tag page. It is very important that you reference these instructions!! We cannot accept improperly tagged items because we do not have time to rehang/retag clothing at the sale site. You will be asked to rehang/retag your improperly prepared items.

We use a computerized barcoding tag system. You MUST register with My Consignment Manager and create an account. There you will enter the items you have to consign, print your tags and track your inventory. The information you enter there is also the information we use to create and print your check! Make sure all your info is correct! As always, if you have questions or concerns, please contact us. We will respond as soon as possible.

If you do not have access to a computer or printer, contact a friend or utilize the library. 

 Unsold Items: Your UNSOLD ITEMS WILL BE SORTED by our wonderful volunteer staff after the sale is over, so your pick-up will be painless and quick. 

Pick-up for unsold items will be after the sale closes on Saturday evening unless prior arrangement have been made. If items have not been picked up 8pm, they will be donated to the Barren County charity designated for the Spring or Fall Sale. Currently, all donations are accepted by the Cave City Baptist Church for their Clothes Closet, which is open to all who are in need. Pick up times/instructions will be given at check-in and emailed to each consignor. 

Unsold Item Pick-Up:

6.30pm – 8.00pm Saturday, March 31, 2018

Your online reports will be updated by 4.30pm CDT on Saturday, March 31, so you will know which of your items are sold/unsold. We will have your items sorted and ready for pick-up on Saturday, March 31 between the hours of 6.30pm CDT and 8.00pm CDT. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to check the Lost and Found table at pick-up. PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE EARLY unless prior arrangements have been made! If you did not chose to donate and wish to do so after looking at your account, please TEXT us asap at 270-723-0042 or

Pick-up will be at the main entrance at the Cave City Convention Center, Cave City, KY. Any items left after 8.00pm CDT will be donated to the Cave City Baptist Church Clothes Closet, which services the entire community, unless other arrangements have been made with the Polka Dot Alligator.

 Checks to each consignor will be mailed the week following the sale to the address registered with My Consignment Manager and are valid for 60 days. Checks will be made out to the name listed on the account. We encourage you to deposit or cash your checks as soon as possible. If a stop payment is requested before 60 days from issue, a $30 fee will be taken out of the replacement check. If the check from Polka Dot Alligator Consignment LLC is not cashed/deposited within the 60 day time frame, the amount is forfeited and the check is void.

 Donate: If items are marked "donate", we will be doing a bulk donation to local organizations in Barren County on your behalf.

To donate or not donate...that is the question. The answer is yours as the consignor to make. As you enter the information into My Consignment Manager to create your inventory and tags, you may select the option to donate. If you donate, we will be giving items to selected organizations within Barren County on Saturday night after pick-up. Currently, all donations are accepted by the Cave City Baptist Church for their Clothes Closet, which is open to all who are in need.

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