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Questions?? Please take time to read through the website. We have tried to answer most of questions. Still need assistance??? Don't hesitate to contact us at 270-723-0042 or Feel free to send a text or email if your call goes to voicemail. Many times we are able to answer a text/email faster than return a call.

Polka Dot Alligator Children's Consignment Sales LLC utilizes My Consignment Manager to track all consignors, inventory, volunteer shifts, and all information for each sale. This program is intended for consignment businesses, and makes the process easier for both you, the consignor and for the Polka Dot Alligator LLC.

We use a computerized barcode tag system. You MUST register with My Consignment Manager and create an account. There you will enter the items you have to consign, print your tags and track your inventory. MCM is a proven system that is developed specially for consignment sales, and we are pleased to offer you this great service to make our sale easier for you.

 After entering all the information fields for each item, you will be prompted to generate your tags and print. Tags must be printed on WHITE medium weight card stock paper (NO "regular" paper), use normal print setting. Make sure the print is not so dark that the barcode runs together, but not so light that the barcode is difficult to read. Do not use card stock that is so thick it "sucks" up so much ink that it is blurred - the print must be nice and crisp. Make sure your printer is set to print "landscape" and not "portrait", or your tags will print too small and may not scan at the registers. 

You will be asked, for each item, if you want to donate or discount your items. We will be designating a worthy cause in Barren County to donate all items marked donate that do not sell. At this time, we are donating to the non-profit Putting Prayers Into Action, which serves the poverty stricken areas of Eastern KY and Appalachia. You may find more information about this organization at www.puttingprayersintoaction.com

When you mark your item to discount, it will be marked half price on Saturday morning...helping to move your inventory and increase your check!!

The information you enter into My Consignment Manager is also the information we use to create and print your check! As always, if you have questions or concerns, please contact us. We will respond as soon as possible.

 Pricing begins at $2 per item, so if you have items that you wish to sell for less than $2, please group them together (i.e., 2 pairs of pants for $3.50).

Please consider pricing your items at approximately 1/3 - 1/4 of original value. Adjust clothing pricing depending on wear. Remember that we cannot accept clothing with excessive wear. This will make for a better and more complete sell of your items!

We ask that you use wire hangers for consigned clothing. They take up less space and are more durable. Do not use hangers with any rust!! The rust will rub onto clothing!

We no longer have our source for free wire hangers, so we no longer have hangers available. If you need wire hangers, we recommend finding someone who utilizes dry cleaners and ask them to save their wire hangers for you or purchase wire hangers at the dollar stores/discount stores. Be sure to try to find them early, because many places sell out near consignment season.  

All clothing MUST be put on hangers in the direction that makes the hanger face open toward the left - like a ? All tags must be pinned on the right side of clothing with a safety pin securely enough that they will not fall off during handling and shopping. We cannot guarantee we will be able to match up clothing with tags that have been misplaced.

We recommend pins from Cleaner's Supply:
(smaller pins for tagging - https://www.cleanersupply.com/products/product.cfm/pid/2368/Safety-Pins-1-Closed/
larger pins for pinning jeans, etc to hangers https://www.cleanersupply.com/products/product.cfm/pid/2370/Safety-Pins-2-Closed/)
These are the pins we use. They are sharp and strong. DO NOT use the “soft” pins from the dollar stores to pin your clothes! They will not hold, pop open and are generally hazards to have on the shopping floor.

If pinning the tags on the right side of the clothing will cause a hole or blemish, please pin the barcoded tag on the thick part of the neck/collar or the size tag of the garment.

Outfits must be placed on one hanger if at all possible. Use large safety pins to attach multiple items to the hanger. If more than one hanger must be used, the hangers must be connected together tightly with a zip tie. Make sure clothing is secure on the hanger. Do not fold pants over the hanger...they must be pinned at the waistband to the upper part of the hanger. Shirt with large necks - be sure they are secured to the hanger or they WILL end up in the floor.

Do not pin anything to the bottom of a shirt! It will create holes, making your item unsellable. Pin all bottoms behind tops on the same hanger.

Use appropriate sized safety pins. Small pins can pop open and come off! Do not use pins that bend easily. Do not use pins from the Dollar Stores!! They will bend, pop off the hanger and your clothing will fall on the floor and tags will be lost.

All shoes must be season appropriate, cleaned and preferably zip-tied SECURELY together. If zip-tying is not possible, we ask they be placed in clear ziplock bags.

 Toys and Equipment/Decor and Large Items:
Be sure to use packing tape to secure toys together and to place tag. We ask you use clear bags (such as Ziploc) to place smaller toys/multiple parts in, and that the tape is secure so tiny shoppers won't misplace pieces. Please do not tape over toy's stickers, etc., so that when the tape is removed, the toy's value is destroyed.

Also, please do not tape over the bottom portion of the tag, since tags are torn off/removed at each sale.

All toys and equipment must be as clean as possible, and be in working order - MUST have working batteries, if applicable. We do not have enough batteries to supply them to everyone.

You are welcome to use zip ties whenever applicable. Bags, zip-ties, pins and batteries may be purchased at dollar stores or discount stores. Large clear bags are handy to put big toys and nursery/bedding in. You may recycle large plastic zipper bags (such as the ones bedding is bought in).

If an item has pieces that are bagged and attached, each bag must have a seller number or it may not be reunited with the pieces should it become separated. Write your seller number with permanent black marker (Sharpie) on all ziploc bags associated. This is in addition to the barcoded tag. Finally, make sure all pieces/bags to the item are secured together.

Large items:
Items that are large/bulky must have tags taped or pinned in a spot that is easily seen by the shopper. (For example, do not tape the tag down on the bottom part of the leg of a bed.)

Please do not tape over the barcodes.

If you have problems or questions tagging, please contact us.

All tags will be removed at checkout. When pinning tags to clothing, pin at the TOP. When taping tags, tape across the TOP of the tag. See pictures below. This is explained more in our video below.

 Tagging Instruction Photos

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