Welcome! Let's Get Started Consigning!

The answers to your how-to-consign questions are here, so please read through this page, along with Prep and Tag. Let us know if you need help! We are ready to help you make and save money - and the kiddos in your life will be stepping out in style!

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Consign with the Polka Dot Alligator


Reasons to Consign

Consignors receive 70% of the selling price! Each consignor account is also charged a $10 registration fee, which will be deducted from the consignor final sales total.   

The Polka Dot Alligator hosts two seasonal sales each year.

  • Spring/Summer includes warm weather wear, sandals and swimming attire.
  • Fall/Winter includes jackets and coats, boots and costumes. 

See our Prep/Tag Tips page for details about items we accept for our sales.

  • Consignors set the price for their items and track the progress of sales.  

  • All consignors will be given a pre-sale pass to shop at 6pm on Wednesday night before the sale opens to the public on Thursday morning!!!!   You will shop from gently used children's items - at a fraction of the new cost! Find quality and name brand clothing for your children! We are working for YOU!   

  • Gather up your children's gently used and outgrown clothing, toys, books, games, shoes, room decor, etc., and sell it all at the Polka Dot Alligator Children's Sale. Every item at our sales is on consignment!! 

  • Check-in for consigned items will be Monday and Tuesday of sale week. The Sale will be open to the public on Thursday - Friday 9am - 8 pm and Saturday 9am - 3pm. Consignors must select a check-in time to bring your items to the sale; keep in mind that all times are Central Time!  

  • Click the Register/Item Entry button for access to My Consignment Manager, enter your items and schedule check-in/volunteer times. Contact the Polka Dot Alligator with questions or if you need assistance getting started with consigning.

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How to Get Started

Click on the Register/Log In button and follow the instructions to create your account. 

You as the consignor, enter each child related items you wish to consign, set the price, enter the description, chose to discount or discount/donate the item if it does not sell, and print tags. 

 It is your responsibility to check all your items for recalls. DO NOT CONSIGN RECALLED ITEMS!! They will be rejected from our sales floor. You may check for recalls at http://wemakeitsafer.com/ 

After printing tags, please follow the instructions on the Prep/Tag page to get your items ready for check-in on Monday or Tuesday of sale week.

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Item Check-In

Item Check-In will take place at the front entrance of the Cave City Convention Center, 502 Mammoth Cave Street in Cave City Ky. 

  • Clothing MUST be sorted by gender, then by size before check-in.
    Clothing must be on hangers correctly, with tags pinned to the upper right side of the garment. 
  • Shoes must be clean.
  • Toys must have working batteries and pieces.
  • Consignors MUST choose a check-in time from the appointments available through your account. If you do not choose a check in time, you will have to wait to have your items inspected, along with the risk of your items not being stocked on the sales floor in a timely manner. 
  • Check-Ins will only be accepted on Monday and Tuesday (August 19 & 20, 2019) of sale week.

Choose Check-In Time

PreSale Opportunity

Each consignor will receive a two-person shopping pass to attend the private PreSale on Wednesday evening at 6pm, August 21, 2019. This Presale is open to volunteers and consignors before the public sale opens on Thursday morning at 9am.

DO NOT LOSE YOUR PRESALE ADMITTANCE TICKET! You will not be admitted into the sale without it!!

Consignors who choose to volunteer, shop even earlier on Wednesday. See the Volunteer section for additional information and shopping times.

Volunteer/PreSale Info

Discount, Discount/Donate, Unsold Item Pick Up

The Fall Sale will close for the season at 3pm CDT on Saturday, August 24, 2019. Saturday is also 1/2 price day!! Your consigned items will not sell at 1/2 price unless you designate each individual item to be discounted! This is done when you enter your items.   

We encourage you to mark your items to discount half price. This helps move your inventory that hasn't sold before the last day of the sale. Many people only shop the 1/2 price day, so this is something to consider taking advantage of. The goal is to sell, sell, sell the items that you consign so you have a larger check!

Our registers will be set to honor 1/2 price tags on Saturday only. Tags which are marked DISCOUNT will be included in the 1/2 price sale on Saturday only.

The decision to donate unsold items is yours as the consignor to make. As you enter the information into My Consignment Manager to create your inventory and tags, you may select the option to donate. If you donate, we will be giving items on your behalf to selected local organizations Saturday night after unsold item pick-up time closes. 

Unsold Items: Your UNSOLD ITEMS WILL BE SORTED by our wonderful volunteer staff after the sale is over, so your pick-up will be painless and quick.    

Pick up times/instructions will be also be given at check-in and emailed to each consignor. 

Unsold Item Pick-Up is 6.30pm – 8.00pm Saturday, August 24, 2019 

Your online reports will be updated by 4.30pm CDT on Saturday, August 24, so you will know which of your items are sold/unsold. We will have your items sorted and ready for pick-up on Saturday between the hours of 6.30pm CDT and 8.00pm CDT. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to check the Lost and Found table at pick-up. PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE EARLY unless prior arrangements have been made! If you did not chose to donate and wish to do so after looking at your account, please contact us asap by TEXT at 270-723-0042 or 270-980-1520.

Pick-up will be at the main entrance at the Cave City Convention Center, Cave City, KY. Any items left after 8.00pm CDT will be donated to a local charity on the consignors behalf.


Checks will be mailed the week following the sale to the address registered with My Consignment Manager and are valid for 60 days. Checks will be made out to the name listed on the account. We encourage you to deposit or cash your checks as soon as possible. If a stop payment is requested before 60 days from issue, a $30 fee will be taken out of the replacement check. If the check from Polka Dot Alligator Consignment LLC is not cashed/deposited within the 60 day time frame, the amount is forfeited and the check is void.