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 Questions?? Please take time to read through the website. We have tried to answer most questions. Still need assistance??? Don't hesitate to contact us at 270.723.0042 or
Many times we are able to answer a text/email faster than return a call.  

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Register/Create Your Account


 We use a computerized barcode tag system. You MUST register with My Consignment Manager and create an account. (Click on the pink Register/Log In button on this page.) There you will enter the items you have to consign, print your tags and track your inventory.  

You will be asked, for each item, if you want to donate or discount your items. 

When you mark your item to discount, it will be marked half price on Saturday morning...helping to move your inventory and increase your check!!

Printing Tags


After entering all the information fields for each item, you will be prompted to generate your tags and print. Tags must be printed on WHITE medium weight card stock paper (NO "regular" paper), use normal print setting. Make sure the print is not so dark that the barcode runs together, but not so light that the barcode is difficult to read. Do not use card stock that is so thick it "sucks" up so much ink that it is blurred - the print must be nice and crisp. Make sure your printer is set to print "landscape" and not "portrait", or your tags will print too small and may not scan at the registers.  

How to get Paid


Checks will be mailed the Tuesday following the sale to the address registered with My Consignment Manager and are valid for 60 days. Checks will be made out to the name listed on the account. We encourage you to deposit or cash your checks as soon as possible. If a stop payment is requested before 60 days from issue, a $30 fee will be taken out of the replacement check. If the check from Polka Dot Alligator Consignment LLC is not cashed/deposited within the 60 day time frame, the amount is forfeited and the check is void. 

Pricing Items


Pricing begins at $2 per item, so if you have items that you wish to sell for less than $2, please group them together (i.e., 2 prs of pants for $3.50).

Please consider pricing your items at approximately 1/3 - 1/4 of original value. Adjust clothing pricing depending on wear. Remember that we cannot accept clothing with excessive wear. This will make for a better and more complete sell of your items!  

Sentimental overpricing will lead to slower sales of your items.

Contact us with ??


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about preparing your items for sale. Do this BEFORE you bring your items to the Cave City Convention Center at your Check-In appointment time.
You will be required to fix tagging issues before items are accepted onto the sales floor.
We can be reached at, 270.723.0042 or through fb messenger. 

Items Accepted for Consignment

Seasonal Sales


The Polka Dot Alligator hosts two sales per year: Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter.

Children clothing and shoes which are seasonal must be consigned at the proper Seasonal Sale. 

 Equipment and non seasonal items are accepted at all sales. 

All Season Maternity clothing is accepted at all sales.

 From previous Sale experience, we have found that infant clothing and young mens/juniors clothing usually sell at a slower pace than other sized clothing. There is a limit of 25 items of girls junior clothing, and they must be name branded. We do not accept misses/womens clothing.  

We do accept young men's clothing as long as it is current youth styles up to size XL. 

Acceptable Consignments


Cribs/Baby beds (Please contact us before bringing a crib)

Toddler and Twin/Full beds

Other Children's Furniture (toy box, chest, changing table, etc.)
Strollers/High Chairs/Booster Chairs
Swings/Bouncy Seats
Rockers/Gliders Children's Room Decor (wall hangings, lamps, rugs, decorations, etc.)
Clothing (Girls: NB-Juniors, along with Maternity/Boys: NB-Young Mens)
Children's Shoes
Car Seats/Booster Seats (involved in NO accidents, not expired)
Backpacks, Girls and Boys Accessories
Diaper Bags
Feeding Utensils
Bath tubs, Potty Chairs (MUST be disinfected)
Toys, Games, Learning Materials, Books, Home School Materials
Purses/Handbags/Totes (childrens/teens AND womens)
Other misc items that pertain to infants, children, tweens, juniors. 

Non-Acceptable Items


NO used bottle nipples, pacifiers or used breast pumps will be accepted.
NO stained, torn clothing.
NO advertisement/date specific tees/clothing. School logo clothing is fine, as long as it is not dated (i.e., Class of 2017)
NO opened formula or opened packs of diapers. 
Undershirts and onsies, along with CLEAN underwear are ok.
NO children's clothing with drawstrings.
NO recalled items.

NO Children's jewlery.

If you have an item in question, please contact us -we will be more than happy to talk with you about it!

Toys, Games, Puzzles, Books, Crafts


Large toys (outside toys such as houses/sand tables/bicycles/ride-ons/swings, etc. We ask they be free of sand and dirt - as clean as possible.)

Electronic Games and cartridges (must be in working order)

(Please tape shut all games/DVDs. They will be inspected by buyers at check-out, so be sure the correct cartridge is included.)

We do not accept electronics that cannot be tested at the sale site.

Toys must be clean, have working batteries (if applicable) and in great working order. 

We accept children's books, games, puzzles, toys, however - no fast food/fair type toys or jewelry. 

The only plush/stuffed toys we accept are licensed character or animated. 

All parts must be accounted for and either boxed or bagged with the toy. 

Infant Items/Equipment
Larger Items


  Baby/Child Equipment such as strollers, high chairs, etc., must be recent styles, clean, free of defects, not recalled and meet current safety standards. 

Car Seats/Booster Seats must be accident free and not expired.

Beds, furniture, sell well. Please contact us before consigning a baby crib.

Equipment items are hot sellers at both Spring and Fall sales. 

Seasonal Clothing Items


 Clothing must be STAIN FREE, TEAR FREE, SMOKE FREE, CLEAN, and CURRENT STYLING. Contact us if you have any questions!!  

 Spring Sale Guidelines:
Lightweight Jackets
Shorts/Jeans/Khaki/Athletic Pants
Short and Long Sleeve Shirts pertaining to springs/summer
Socks/Clean and Sanitized Underwear
Dress Up, Swimwear
All Season Maternity
(No winter/heavy jackets or coats, no fleece or sweatpants/shirts, boots or winter these items for the Fall Sale!) 

 Fall Sale Guidelines:
Coats/Jackets/Capes, Dress Up, Costumes
Shoes/Boots/Rainboots/No Sandals
Jeans, Jogging Pants/Fleece/Athletic Pants
Long Sleeved Shirts/Sweatshirts/short sleeve tees pertaining to Fall/Winter
Fall/Winter Accessories: Gloves/toboggans/scarves
Socks/Clean and Sanitized Underwear
All Season Maternity

Boys/Young Men's Athletic Shorts accepted year round.
(No Tank Tops, Shorts, Swimwear, those items for the spring sale!) 

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Prepare Non-Clothing Items


Shoes, Totes/Purses/Diaper Bags

All shoes must be in good wearable condition, season appropriate, cleaned and preferably zip-tied (or comparable method) SECURELY together. If zip-tying is not possible, we ask they be placed in clear ziplock bags. Do not tape tags to shoes. 

Do not pin tags onto bags if it will leave a hole. Hole punch the tag and tie onto the diaper bag/purse/tote handle with curling ribbon (aka as that tough, unbreakable Christmas wrapping ribbon), thin twine or zipties. Do not attach tag with tape if it will leave a sticky residue or ruin the fabric when removed.

Toys/Decor/Large Items/Misc

Be sure to use clear bags/cheap tote boxes/packing tape to keep toy parts together and place tag SECURELY onto item with packing tape or other means. Discarded zippered bedding bags work wonderful for multi-piece toys/items.

We ask you use clear bags (such as Ziploc) to place smaller toys/multiple parts in, and that the tape is secure so tiny shoppers won't misplace pieces. Please do not tape over toy's stickers, etc., so that when the tape is removed, the toy's value is destroyed.

All toys and equipment must be as clean as possible, have required pieces and be in working order - MUST have working batteries, if applicable. We do not have enough batteries to supply them to everyone.

You are welcome to use zip ties whenever applicable. Bags, zip-ties, pins and batteries may be purchased at dollar stores or discount stores. Large clear bags are handy to put big toys and nursery/bedding in. You may recycle large plastic zipper bags (such as the ones bedding is bought in).

If an item has pieces that are bagged and attached, it is recommended each bag have the seller number or it may not be reunited with the pieces should it become separated. Write your seller number with permanent black marker (Sharpie) on all ziploc bags associated, in addition to the barcoded tag. Finally, make sure all pieces/bags to the item are secured together. 

Large Items

Items that are large/bulky must have tags taped, tied or pinned in a spot that is easily seen by the shopper.

All items deemed too large to be carried by shoppers will be assigned a two part tag by sale staff after item Check-In and before beginning of sale.

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Prepare Clothing Items

How to Hang Clothing for Consignment

Clothing must be STAIN FREE, TEAR FREE, SMOKE FREE, CLEAN, and CURRENT STYLING. Contact us if you have any questions!!  

Use wire hangers for consigned clothing. They take up less space and are more durable. Do not use hangers with any rust!! The rust will rub onto clothing!

We no longer have our source for free wire hangers, so we no longer have hangers available. If you need wire hangers, we recommend finding someone who utilizes dry cleaners and ask them to save their wire hangers for you or purchase wire hangers at the dollar stores/discount stores. Be sure to try to find them early, because many places sell out near consignment season.  

All clothing MUST be put on hangers in the direction that makes the hanger face open toward the left - like a ? All tags must be pinned on the right side of garment with a safety pin securely enough that they will not fall off during handling and shopping. We cannot guarantee we will be able to match up clothing with tags that have been misplaced.

If pinning the tags on the right side of the clothing will cause a hole or blemish, please pin the barcoded tag on the thick part of the neck/collar, zipper or the size tag of the garment.

Use large safety pins to attach multiple items to the hanger. If more than one hanger must be used, the hangers must be connected together tightly with a zip tie or equivalent. 

Make sure clothing is secure on the hanger. Do not fold pants over the hanger...they must be pinned at the waistband to the upper part of the hanger. 

Shirt with large necks - be sure they are secured to the hanger or they WILL end up in the floor.

Do not pin anything to the bottom of a shirt! It will create holes, making your item unsalable. Pin all bottoms behind tops on the same hanger.

Use appropriate sized safety pins and do not use straight pins!


Do Use:

Wire hangers
Quality Safety Pins
Cardstock for tagging

Don't Use:
Plastic hangers
Flimsy Safety Pins
Straight Pins
"Regular" printer paper for tags

We recommend pins from Cleaner's Supply:
Smaller pins for tagging -
Larger pins for pinning jeans, etc to hangers

These are the pins we personally use. They are sharp and strong. DO NOT use the “soft” pins from the dollar stores to pin your clothes! They will not hold, pop open and are generally hazardous to have on the shopping floor. Not to mention that your clothing will fall off of hangers and onto the floor.

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Correct Hanging

Put it on a Hanger


Make sure all garments are either hung or pinned securely to the hanger, with the hanger being in the ? position.

Put on the tag


Place the garment onto the hanger.

Pin corresponding tag to right side.

Hang by waistband


 Correct way to hang by waistband - ie., jeans, skirts, outfit bottoms.

Waistband pinned to upper portion of hanger. Hanger in ? position.

Tag on right side of garment.

Hang multiple pieces on single hanger - front view


Pin waistband to the top portion of the hanger in between neckline. Do not pin at bottom of hanger.  

Hang multiple pieces on single hanger - rear view


Pin waistband to the top portion of the hanger in between neckline. Do not pin at bottom of hanger. 

Incorrect Hanging


Do not pin waistband to bottom of hanger. Reference (above) correct way to pin waistband to upper part of hanger.


 Do not pin waistband to bottom of hanger. Reference (above) correct way to pin waistband to upper part of hanger. 


Place garment onto hanger. Do not pin by shoulders to hanger. This creates holes in your clothing!


Do not pin bottom of outfit to shirt!! This creates holes and makes your outfit unsalable.

Pin bottoms by waistband as shown above.


Don't fold items over the hanger. Shoppers cannot view the clothing and the garment will fall off into the floor. Use sturdy pins, hang by waistband to top portion of hanger, as illustrated above.